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Getting your Vehicle Serviced..

Most manufacturers recommend having a full car service once a year or every 10,000 miles, whichever comes first. Some customer will chose to have an interim service if the mileage has been lower than 10,000 miles.

An interim car service is an oil and oil filter change. 

We also advise having an Engine Flush.

Interim  Car Service


Full Car Service


A Full Car Service includes -

Change of Oil, Oil Filter, Air Filter, Spark Plugs (if its a petrol) or Fuel Filter (if its a diesel).

Check Levels - Brakes, Suspension, tyre pressures etc

All 4 Wheels are taken off, all wire brushed and copper greased

General inspection of Brake Pipes and to see if there is any corrosion or wear.

Brake Fluid is tested for contatmination. Brake Fluid is recommended to be changed every 2 years.


Engine Flush

An Engine Flush is always advised at the time of a service.


  • Cleans engines internally and provide anti-wear protection

  • Frees sticking piston rings, hydraulic valve lifters and variable valve timing systems

  • Removes lacquer, varnish and sludge deposits from the crankcase

  • Neutralises crankcase acids, keeping new oil cleaner, for longer

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